Porcelain Angel - Angels up above
Porcelain Angel"Guardian angels up above please protect the ones we love"..
Porcelain Angel - wherever you will go
Porcelain Angel "Wherever you go, Whatever you do may your guardian angle watch over you"..
Porcelain Bird - My happy Ending
Porcelain Bird"You are my happy ending"..
Porcelain butterfly - do what makes
Porcelain butterfly" Do what makes your heart smile"..
Porcelain butterfly - you are always
Porcelain butterfly" You are always in my heart"..
Porcelain heart -  50
Porcelain heart “50”..
Porcelain heart -  Love you Daddy
Porcelain heart”Love you Daddy”..
Porcelain heart -  Mr & Mrs
Porcelain heart “Mr & Mrs”..
Porcelain heart -  Special Bridesmaid
Porcelain heart “Special Bridesmaid”..
Porcelain heart -  Special Godmother
Porcelain heart “Special Godmother”..
Porcelain heart -  Special Teacher
Porcelain heart * Special Teacher*..
Porcelain heart - 16
Porcelain heart “16”..
Porcelain heart - 18
Porcelain heart “18”..
Porcelain heart - 21
Porcelain heart  “21”..
Porcelain heart - 30
Porcelain heart -“30”..
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